Sunday, April 02, 2006

Xerces static library

To use the xerces C++ parser with a static library, we suppose you already have used xerces with dynamic library and that the project is correctly configured:

  1. download the source code at:
  2. Open the $xerces_src\Projects\Win32\VC7\xerces-all\xerces-all.sln
  3. Right-click on the XercesLib
  4. Change configuration Type: Static library (.lib)
  5. Compile Xerceslib
Open your project:
  1. Put the library in the "resource files" directory.


Anonymous Aaron said...

At least in the current version, you need to define the preprocessor symbol XML_LIBRARY, to cause the calling conventions to match up correctly and the right library to be linked.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Aaron said...

Should have said, in your project...

7:22 AM  

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